How do I Archive messages in SBCglobal email Account?

SBCglobal email sort out problems of customer like mail sending and receiving, photos and videos uploading, attachment file, or some others. A user is happy when he use to this mail service because it mail solves a number of queries of clients free of cost.

A number of technical problems faced by SBCglobal email account users like they don’t upload to file in the SBCglobal email account, SBCglobal email password forgot, SBCglobal email change, SBCglobal email account not working, SBCglobal email won’t load, etc. These types errors irritate to every customer when a user countenance to this kind problem then he doesn’t use to this mail service for some time.

Solution for Archive messages in SBCglobal email Account

If you desire to archive messages who you want to take away from your SBCglobal email inbox. By this option, you can delete all the messages in it, the archive file keep messages out the method. By following guidelines you can simply archive individual messages or discussions.

Step 1: Archive email

To archive one or more emails, follow these processes:

  1. First of all, open or choose an email.
  2. Next, go for Archive. The email will be moved to the Archive folder.

Step 2: Re-establish archived email to your inbox

To restore archived email, follow these processes:

  1. First of all, choice the Archive folder.
  2. After that, open or decide on an email.
  3. Last, go for repair to Inbox.

As you will know, it is a simple procedure to answer this kind problem of SBCglobal email. For any type errors, queries of SBCglobal email account then you can get a great reply from highly talented engineers team who available on help center SBCglobal email technical support number. There sited every specialist is dedicated to resolving to your technical errors related SBCglobal email account.


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