I’m trying to attach file on new email but it keeps saying attachment failed pls help.

Are you unable to attach file in new email message in Gmail account? This is very common issue which is face by Gmail users because they don’t know the reason why this happen so they are unable to fix these technical issues and they need to Gmail customer service helpline where they can easily connect with the Gmail technical support technician and solve all technical problems of Gmail email account help of suggestion advise by technician there is another online solution available if you have technical knowledge so online solution can be the best idea to resolve this problem.


Get here all the reasons and solution to fix attachment issue in Gmail account.

  1. First you should check the size of file it should be match size offer by Gmail so check it carefully and comfortable size for attachment which is 25 megabytes (MB) in size.
  2. Second thing, you should check the attached file extension it should reliable as Gmail offer.
  3. Check the folder it should be zipped folder.
  4. You should check the browser settings, sometimes browser create issue to attach file.

So check all these things at the time of file attachment if you are unable to resolve this problem then you can connect with Gmail customer support email help send or share your issue with technician they will must be help to resolve your technical issue it there is another technical problem they will help you to get out of this problem, they will suggest you right method to get out of this issue in most easiest.


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