How Protect Gmail Account by Spam

Spam is not a good things for you gmail account and there lots of users who has to facing spam issue. Now you can find here, some of the best five tips which help to keep secure account from the spam mails. Spam mail are appears in primary inbox and the intention of promoting a product or else they want to steal your mail data. So all these points we can say spam can hurts your business. Spam is the most common in every Gmail account

gmail support

Spam can be take place in your mail account because of the improper ways to using Gmail account. If users not action then it can be harm you. As all you know that Gmail has not any live support then how will you solve this problem?

You can prefer Gmail Customer Service help center page where you can find the complete procedure to resolve this technical error. Now here five simple and effective tips to stay protected you from the spam mails.

  1. Do’t publicize your personally email id in any online forum or any website comments where you register, usually spammer collect the email id from the internet and remotely accessible software then collect all the information and store date in their database for promotional purpose so always beware of such fraudulent activities.
  2. Spam option is available in Gmail so always mark a fishy mail as spam and this option is available and tip of every web account if marking a mail as spam will automatically re-direct it to the spam folder.
  3. Always user unsubscribes option offering by Gmail and this option is available at the bottom of every Gmail messages. This is most powerful option so use it
  1. Always use the standard version of Gmail, it is most efficient way to keep away mails from spam.




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